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The Inheritance Cycle – Eragon

The Inheritance Cycle – Eragon

Hello Everyone,

Today I want to write about amazing book series which is The Inheritane Cycle. Actually I used to call it “Eragon” for a long time 🙂 But it is not matter. Author of this gripping middle earth book is Christopher Paolini.

Somethings went wrong

Before the start talking about book content, I should write interesting thing about why there are 5 book in the picture. When I started to reading first chapter “Eragon” , it attracted me so much and I told the my friends from the very beginning. Anyway, let’s get back to problem. When I turned page, I was suprised what I saw. There was blank page which I putted the sample picture the below.

First I did not see other blank pages and I tought that it may be about the concept the book. 🙂 I know it was really stupid things :/ Anyway after this situation, my enthusiasm escaped. But on the other hand I was curious about the story. And I send the mail to publisher ( And then the reply to me a day later. They want from me barcode in order to prove that the book is official. After the a few mail traffic, they sent to me a new book with cargo. And this is the answer why there are 5 book on the table even “The Inheritance Cycle” includes four books 🙂

Let’s write about the content, Christopher was create really good fantastic world. It is called Alagaesia.

Alagaesia World Map


The personalities of the characters are very nicely mirrored. Main hero is in the book “Eragon”. Everything is started with Eragon founding a dragon egg. And after the adventure includes, Eragon’s trainig to being King Slayer.

Main characters are Eragon , Sapphira , Galbatorix(King) , Arya (Elf) , Roran (Eragon’s cousin).

So I try to write about my ideas about the book. I hope you’ve curios. If you have a reading opportunity or thinking about but this books. I would definitely remommend “The Inheritance of Cycle”

And finally, If you decide to reading book, you can listen while reading 🙂 It works to get in motivation and middle earth mode.

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