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Hello Passengers!

Hello Passengers!

Dear passengers,  we're going to the unknown as a human.  

Firstly, we believe that an ideal life is grouped under three main headings. Science, art and philosophy. What is genius brain? In our opinion, to being genius brain just needs some little but strong decision and ideas. Personal evolution, there is a personal evolution at every stage of our lives. But it is in our hands to manage this process, good or bad. Trying to develop humanity. It is the first rule. Primary factor that triggers this development desire is to wonder. With this, pursue new perspectives in whole topics which about our cosmos. If we have like this approach, it means quality discussion environment. But when we dealing with these , we should not miss the beauties of life. Reading books, thinking alone, walking, friends etc… Individuals who think and turn into action are all genius brains.

Why this website name is Genius Brain. We have an idea and we want to apply it on our lives while in this way. We will be share our curiosity, the books comments, our ideas and technical information.

See you in future posts.

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